Diner Week Day 4: Lucy’s Diner

Lucy’s Diner

4605 Towson Avenue
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Somebody’s going to be real happy we finally got around to reviewing Lucy’s Diner. Lucy’s turns up in our blog search terms more than any other word (other than, you know, “fierce genius,” “hysterically funny” “brainbustingly informed,” “stunningly attractive” and other such terms we assume must refer to people seeking us out).

Maybe it’s because we’ve got a couple of pics from the diner in our header. Maybe it’s because Lucy’s and Fort Smith Eats made their debuts in this city at roughly the same time. Maybe it’s because it’s the newest 24-hour place. Maybe it’s because as unlikely as it sounds, the little diner has become the hot new restaurant that’s all the buzz.


Even the door looks welcoming.

Like we’ve said, Lucy’s is all the buzz. We’ve heard a lot about it. Much of what we’ve heard is complaints. One specifically: “Wow, they’re so busy there were no spaces in the parking lot! We had to wait for a table!”

If you’re a restaurant owner, this is the one complaint you’re not going to be upset to get.


Hungry worker men at lunch counter. Timeless.

When we first started going to Lucy’s the clientelle was mostly worker bees. Guys with coveralls and heavy things hanging off their belts. Lately, though, we’ve seen about every type of person in there, from families in their Sunday best to pink-haired college kids to Junior League types, and the worker bees still there too. It’s a little microcosm of Fort Smith, eating together. Warms our hearts when that happens.

Though, personally, we’re even happier when our Fort Smith butts are already warming those seats at the table instead of standing around watching everyone else gobble their food. Microcosms are great and all, but lunch hour’s only so long.

We have a few foods we think are good Test Foods. You know, like eggs. If you can’t do eggs well, get out of the business. Another of those foods is a club sandwich, a diner staple. We tried the club at Lucy’s. Lots of good meat, crispy bacon. Lettuce still crisp, cheeses tasted real, tomato not mealy, stacked together nicely. Its only flaw? Grilled bread. Club sandwich bread should be toasted not grilled. This one was too greasy and as a result, we didn’t finish it. Next time, we’ll have to specify. TOASTED.


Lucy's Club. Meaty. Cheesy. Stacky. Greasy? Ask for it toasted, not grilled.

Lucy’s is open 24 hours, but our favorite thing there is only available for about 3 of those. That would be the daily plate lunch specials. Battle the crowds and for about $6 midday, you get a huge entree, three home-cooked side dishes and a roll.


This was our first plate lunch at Lucy's. Meatloaf was fantastic. Whole thing was on our table 5 minutes after we ordered. And did we mention, this is about $6 worth of food? Good food, fast at a price we want to pay. No wonder itsa hit.

So far, every vegetable side we’ve tried has been a winner. We’re particularly fond of the sugary turnip greens, the gigantic sliced sweet carrots and the creamy mac-and-cheese (this one sells out fast). When your meal comes with three vegetables like this, you have to feel like you’re doing something right with your life for this one meal at least. 


Homestyle veggies. All excellent. Sometimes the blackeyed peas are saucier than these.

Lucy’s does comfort foods and they don’t try to fancy them up with creme fraiche or Herbs de Provence or expensive bagged salad greens stuffed in the sandwich instead of Just Plain Lettuce (yeah, you know who we’re talking about, 2nd Most Commonly Searched New Restaurant on Our Blog). If it looks terrible, tastes great, that’s just fine by Lucy. Ergo, dishes like Goulash (Seriously, Goulash, the dish we only had in our childhood years on those hurried nights after the paycheck was gone and the cupboard was bare, is a daily special) and Beef Tips with Noodles and Chicken & Dumplings. On a cold bleak day, there just might not be a more satisfying dish in Fort Smith than this:


God created chicken and dumplings just so all the other entrees would feel more photogenic. Peppery and comforting. Delish.

The Roast Beef was superb. Too bad it didn’t come in a boat like Dodson’s does. Not that it would taste any better. We just like boats.

Lucy’s Diner, Official Sponsor of Brown Gravy.


We admit they went a little crazy with the gravy here. On the other hand--DUDE. It's gravy! Stop with yer complaining.

We were told by our waitress, a real gem of a diner gal in the making though about 30 years too young, that “the cooks make the pies back there, sort of, yeah.” We guess that means they put the filling in to the pre-made crust and bake it. They taste good. Not prize-pie-at-the-county-fair great, but they’ll kill that sweet tooth for an hour or two. 


Stacks of pies are always a good thing. We also like these light fixtures.

Like we wrote in our first Pie-Off, Lucy’s gets major bonus points just for serving sweet potato pie.


Sweet Potato Pie. Not the first Pie-Off champion, but on another day she might have been.

Here’s another one we liked so much it’s in our header.


Lucy's in the pie with diamonds, er, pecans.

Next on the agenda is trying Lucy’s breakfasts. Any recommendations, people? What do you think of the newest diner on the block? Buzz away.


16 responses to “Diner Week Day 4: Lucy’s Diner

  1. Yum! I’ve had an omelette there and it was good, however, they put a Kraft Singles slice of cheese in it, which bothers me. Love the sweet potato pie though!

  2. Page – we agree. A slice of cheese is ok, but REAL cheese. Not a Kraft single. Hmm.
    We’ll have to get there soon for breakfast ourselves!

  3. have eat their alot have good food like the breakfest served 24/7

  4. Official Sponsor of Brown Gravy… 🙂 Man you crack me up. Not only do I enjoy coming to the site to find out about resaurants I may not have been to, but the writing is hilarious! Keep it up

  5. I myself liked lucy’s, the food was good and the fact that they gave us a GREAT discount…but, 2 of my co-workers got sick after eating there. Needless to say, we wont be eating there any longer. GREAT discount or not.

  6. me and my wife go there more often in the afternoons , the wait staff is very friendly, and they work good together, no matter who our waitress is , they all help with each others tables, if you need anything ,you can ask any of them and they will happy to get it for you.We have got to know the waitresses because they are so caring . Peggy, Angela, Patsy, and Amanda are the ones that that are there when we go and they are the best set of waitress we have ever seen, they take good care of us when we are there, nice freeindly and are always busy doing something. and the service isn’t the only thing good, the food is really good, and you wont leave hungry,

  7. Georgina Edwards

    It a nice and clean place to eat,everyone is so friendly and if you like meat loaf theirs is the best along with alot of other items I have eaten.Try it you want regret it.

  8. Poor customer service. Did not bring menus for 10 minutes while she had our menus in her hand she was behind the counter on her cell phone. Did not bring straws with the drinks and never did come back with them. Did not bring ketchup as requested and did not bring the lemon for the tea as requested. Did not want to take the to-go order when we wanted to give it to her. Other waitresses were behind counter drinking their own drinks and standing together talking and not waiting on customers. Food was bland. Okra was stale. No tickets had to go to register without it. Man I was behind in line said he was there 2 weeks ago and he did not remember any of the waitresses. Not a good sign. After being in Tulsa this past weekend at Cheesecake Factory and had such good service we tipped her a ten. I can say I don’t believe this will happen at this place. Sorry to say we will not be back.

  9. Wow, Robbie. If we’d had that experience, we probably wouldn’t return, either. Luckily, our Lucy’s encounters have all been with attentive servers and not only fast but usually superfast service. When we order the plate lunches, our meals are often on the table five minutes after ordering. The food’s almost always been good, too.

    Here’s hoping that this was just an anomaly and not the start of a trend.

  10. Up here in Rogers we’re excited to hear that Lucy’s owners are opening a new location in our downtown area. Based on this review, I think I may end up gaining a few pounds. I do have a question for you fine Fort Smith folk–does Lucy’s serve shakes, malts, ice cream, etc? In particular, I have a strong interest in hot fudge shakes.

  11. I was checking out this site because these guys are opening up another Lucy’s here in Rogers…awsome! But, by the looks of it they are going to have to expand! ….It’s small.

  12. well i use to go to Lucys’ Diner. i ordered pancakes and found onions in them my friend wanted crispy hash browns they were sent back three times and still came out soggy. the manager at the time said he was sorry about the food not being cooked right but insisted we still pay for it seeing how we did order it.
    his names is Alex. i told him i would not as i was about to leave he grabbed my arm a demand that we pay for the food.
    needless to say we will never go back. and i suggest no one ever go there

  13. I used to cook at Lucy’s for nearly 4 or 5 months, and let me tell you, no one should ever eat there. Raw chicken is stored directly next to or directly above 5-gallon buckets of pickle spears and pickle chips. The place is constantly fighting a roach infestation. Also, none of the floor drains work so the floors and walls just get nastier and nastier. The amount of grease and crud accumulated in that kitchen is downright disgusting. Often times the steaks will rot in the refrigerator or sit in rotted steak blood to be served up to the next unwitting customer. Don’t even get me started on how they treat their employees. The place’s employees, especially the kitchen staff, turns completely over every 2-3 months because they treat everyone so poorly. There are multiple OSHA and health code violations, and I’ve reported them multiple times, but they remain open. The real kicker is the owner Jason. Darn I wish I could remember his last name. He’s currently facing child abuse charges in his hometown of Sallisaw, OK. Apparently something of a sexual nature. He’s a closet homosexual, although married, and has several boy toys. He’s a real piece of work. Some may think I am simply disgruntled and making it all up, but all I can say is go to Sallisaw, OK and get court docket records…it can all be verified. The place is dirty, disgusting, overpriced, and run by a pervert. Don’t go there unless you’d like to support this kind of operation and eat at a truly dirty establishment.

  14. This is the co-owner of Lucy’s Diner. I wouldn’t eat there unless you want to support alleged child molestation. I used to cook there. It is so dirty. Dirty, dirty, dirty.


  15. Your original blog was 4 yrs or so ago. Try visiting there now. Service is bad and food is worse.

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