Expert Pics: Your Photos, Thanksgiving Version

Our most awesome Twitter peeps tweeted about some drool-worthy Thanksgiving meals yesterday, and we just had to share some of them. (Check our inaugural Expert Pics post.)

Yes, we love Fort Smith restaurants and we can’t wait to continue sharing our thoughts and photos with you. But, there is just something about grandma’s homemade dressing or Aunt Lula’s special chocolate pie that no restaurant experience can replicate. And we are ever-so-thankful for our Fort Smith Eats readers — you guys are the true experts!

Happy Holidays!

via @Rachael_Davis Pies Galore! (Looks yum!)

via @AaronRodgers That's a plate-full of delish.

via @jedwardjohnson Waiting on dessert (We like the turkey carcass in the background too - that is what it's supposed to look like!)

via @Travis_L The Unknown Pie (we'd like to know what kind it is - looks great)

via @krisnreine We like the canned cranberry in the middle! You can spread it on everything that way.

via @beatyher Dessert spread!

via @LaurenHendricks That's a Thanksgiving plate-full!


3 responses to “Expert Pics: Your Photos, Thanksgiving Version

  1. Great pictures and a great post. You would go and get me hungry all over again. Chat later, I’ve gotta go eat 🙂

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