Fort Smith Eats @ Facebook

We’re sometimes slow to catch on, but there’s one place that practically everyone we know (and a handful of people we don’t) in Fort Smith hangs out these days, a little virtual cafe called “Facebook.”

In an effort to keep our little blog and Twitter feed on the absolute cutting edge of Web 3.0’s media suite of next-generation cybertechnologies and mainstream virtual socio-interfaces (we totally just threw a bunch of words together there), Fort Smith Eats is now on Facebook.

Yes, we have a “friend page,” but mainly we want to hang out at our Shiny New Fan Page. The Fort Smith Eats page will feature regular updates, shout-outs, tags and links to other people and restaurants on Facebook, and bunches of photo albums of Fort Smith FOOD.

Even better, it’s another place for you to post your thoughts, questions, and we’re really hoping pictures of your favorite Fort Smith eats.

So if you’re on Facebook, become a fan of Fort Smith Eats and spread the word. Post your pics. Bring your friends. There’s always room for one more at this dinner table.


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