Expert Pics: Snow Version

It’s been a little while since we posted an Expert Pics blog (last one was your awesome Thanksgiving pics!), and we thought after viewing all ya’lls great snow-food-apalooza pics on Twitter, that it’s long overdue.

Viva la snow, Fort Smith!! Viva la “snow food!”

Via @LaurenHendricks, Snow Cream!!

via @YowzaLauren, Snow Cream!

via @scottfaldon, Snow-Beer Cooler

via @whitneymolder, Hot chocolate

via @marleysmom, warm Oatmeal w. brown sugar

Allright – can’t have all these references to snow without a snow PHOTO, right? Here ya go, Fort Smith! Hope everyone’s enjoying the snow weekend!

via @kaytiemarie, 7 inches of snow!

3 responses to “Expert Pics: Snow Version

  1. Ha! My snow cream came out looking more like snow gravy. Loving the snow, though!

  2. YUENGLING!!!!!!

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh…you can’t get that in Arkansas. I know they don’t ship west of the Mississippi River (I’ve emailed Yuengling and asked a local beer distributor).

    Hook me up with one of those Scott.

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