Fort Smith Eats Valentine’s Day Contest

Valentine’s Day approacheth, and our poetic muse hath overtaken us. Ahem:

Roses are red,

Violets are blue

We love taking pics of good food

And so do you …

Valentine’s Day is for lovers. Way we figure it, not everyone has found the One Great Love of Their Life yet, but we figure everyone who reads our blog is likely to have found a long and fulfilling relationship with at least one irressistable food. Be it a guilty pleasure cheeseburger or a heartsong of a filet mignon, everyone has some Fort Smith food they love. So here’s your chance to show ’em off and win a bona fide gift certificate in the process.

Post a picture of something you loved at a Fort Smith area restaurant (anywhere in the River Valley is fair game) on our Facebook page and you’ll be entered in a random drawing for a $30 gift certificate to eat at Bravo Italian Restaurant. Why Bravo? It was just named e-Fort Smith Magazine’s 2010 Favorite Overall Restaurant. Plus, we already have a gift certificate for there and we’re lazy.

The rules:

  • Photos must be posted on Facebook on our Fort Smith Eats fan page (not our FSE profile page) where everyone can see them. If you’re not sure which page is which, just click the helpful link we put up there and you’ll be golden.
  • Photos must be posted anytime between now and midnight Feb. 14. They don’t have to have been taken during the contest period, but they shouldn’t be from, like, the 80s or anything.
  • Contest is for restaurant food only. If you made the world’s tastiest food (be it a chateaubriand or a hashbrown casserole) at home, that’s swell (and please invite us over) but it’s not eligible. We’re interested in seeing delicious food anyone can order.
  • One entry per photo. Enter as often as you wish. You can’t post the same photo over and over though because that’s just weird and annoying.
  • It’s okay if someone else posted a picture of the same food or exact same menu item as long as it’s not the same photo.
  • Photos must include identifying info about what the food is and where you got it. Tell us about it. Writing a descriptive sentence or two about your food won’t necessarily improve your odds of winning (it’s random, folks), but it’d make us happy.
  • Food from anywhere in the River Valley area is fair game. Doesn’t have to be in Fort Smith city limits or any such nonsense.
  • To post a photo on our fan page, you have to first become a fan of Fort Smith Eats. That’s how Facebook works. (Not a fan of us? Why are you reading our blog? Go away!)
  • The Bravo gift certificate will be mailed in a more or less timely manner to the randomly chosen winner, along with a collectible limited edition Fort Smith Eats business card, suitable for framing.

Follow all that? Get thee to Facebook and start posting! We take questions, comments and unmitigated adulation below.


Fort Smith Eats

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