Fort Smith Eats Project 3/Whatever Challenge

While back, one of our many legions of fans (ha!) nudged us about this 3/50 Project, suggested maybe we could spearhead something locally. Didn’t know much about it and haven’t sharpened our spears all year, but we checked it out and it a seems solid enough idear. We were humbled and flattered to be approached. So, sure, decided we’d do something. Then we walked off and left our blog for what, three months? We’d be convicted for that if it were a child.***

Anywho, we said we’d do something and then we didn’t. First time for everything, right?

Now we want to make amends.

We’re far from official spokespeople for this 3/50 project, but the way we understand it, the general idea is this:

  • Pick 3 locally owned, independent businesses you appreciate and would hate to see go out of business.
  • Vow to go out of your way to spend $50 at these local places to show your appreciation of them.
  • If enough people did this, it would save the world. Or our local economy. Something like that. They give numbers and statistics you are free to look up if you need convincing this is a good thing. All we care about is saving the world. That would be way cool, with or without statistics.

They’re a little vague on the specifics of whether it’s $50 spent at each place or what. Also, we were surprised to see that apparently this is supposed to be $50 a month. Obviously, this concept was come up with before the Great Recession That Ate All Fun (And Dining-Out Budgets) came along.

We’re not really what you’d call sticklers for rules so we’re going to make up our own project.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • You pick your favorite 3 locally owned restaurants  (No offense, shops, but food’s our thang) that you’d HATE HATE HATE to see go out of business. We’re talking true Mom & Pops, not Red Lobster being run by a guy you know. We’re talking all-local dollars that don’t get sent to a corporate headquarters somewhere.
  • Tell us which 3 you are picking, either here on our lonesome little blog or on our much more popular Facebook page. Or even tweet @ us. By voting, you’re vowing to go spend some money at these three places when you can, or tell others about them, something to spread the love and increase their business between now and the end of 2010. We’re not telling you how much to spend because we don’t want your spouses, parents and/or accountants coming over and hitting us with blunt objects (No “I’m sorry we had the electricity turned off honey but I PROMISED Fort Smith Eats we’d eat at Doe’s all month!”). You can only nominate three. Though of course you can spread your wealth amongst them all. And they don’t actually have to be in danger of going out of business anytime soon. Just tell us what 3 you love most.

Whichever 3 places get the most votes—we’ll give you till Halloween (that’s Oct. 31, natch) to vote—we’ll write up in our bestest ever reviews. Seriously, they’ll be golden.

We’re going to pick 3, too. So you get 6 reviews for the price of 3! With no shipping and handling! That’s like 8 years of writing for us, but we’ll actually vow to have all these posted by the end of the year. Because we are local food superheroes (yes, we were in fact told this by someone in a position of authority so it must be true) and together we will save the world!!!!!!!!!

Our brilliant local restaurants are why we got into this food-reviewing racket. We want everyone to know how much good eatin’ there really is in and around this town. But the first order of business is keeping it!

So, Citizens of Fort Smith: What places shall we save? Make your case.

***We have had a zillion good intentions on writing more over the past few months. But, apparently, “time” in the world of Fort Smith Eats works like that deepest level of slo-mo dreaming in that Inception movie, you know with the van that takes an hour to fall off the bridge? We swear we JUST posted that Geno’s pepperoni sandwich review a moment ago…


38 responses to “Fort Smith Eats Project 3/Whatever Challenge

  1. We only have until October 31 to do this? Do I have to visit them by October 31? Also, is it $50 total or $50 at each of the 3?

  2. David — submit your 3 restaurants to us by Oct. 31.
    Visit those 3 places yourself between now and the end of the year — and so will we. We’ll eat/review the 3 most-voted places.

  3. Sisters Bistro – VB
    Frank’s Italian – VB
    Green Papaya – FSM

  4. El Super Taco (Grand Ave.) – FSM
    Pho Houng – FSM
    Joe’s Pizza & Pasta – FSM

  5. Pho Houng – FSM
    Blaze’n Burrito – FSM
    Shoguns – FSM

  6. Joe’s Pizza Pasta
    Blazen Burrito

  7. Great choices! Also just to be clear, we don’t care how much money you spend at your 3 restaurants. If you can’t afford to spend any money, just go out and recommend them to your friends (heck, maybe they’ll treat). We just wanna know which ones you like best and want to encourage you to support them with your wallet or your word-of-mouth. We won’t be checking up on you, so there’s no real deadline for supporting them whatever way you see fit. Voting’s open till Halloween.

  8. Pho Houng
    Delicias Michoacanas ICF
    Callico County

  9. 1. The Ribeye Steakhouse (fsm)
    2. Ed Walkers Drive In
    3. Pink Flamingo


  10. 21 West End
    Bangkok Cafe
    Silk Road

  11. Ed Walkers
    Pink Flamingo
    Blazen Burrito

  12. Goodsons
    Lucy’s Diner

  13. Goodson’s
    Lucy’s Diner
    Red Barn

  14. Brannon’s
    Jenny Lind Cafe

  15. 1. George’s
    2. Ed Walker’s
    3. Hong Kong (on Greenwood

  16. 1. Calico County
    2. Diamond Head #2 (Midland Blvd.)
    3. Bob & Ellie’s

  17. 1. Goodson’s at Cornerstone
    2. Goodson’s on Towson
    3. George’s Restaurant

  18. Goodson’s , george’s, Pink Flamingo

  19. Goodson’s, Diamond Head 2, and georges

  20. Bravo Italian, Las Americas, Basil Thai

  21. Georges

  22. Goodson’s Georges Bensons

  23. Cara’s at Brunwick Place !!! Fried Green Tomatoes !!!

  24. Goodsons
    Diamond Head # 2

  25. Goodson’s at Cornerstone, Pink Flamingo, Diamond Head #2

  26. Goodson’s in Cornerstone, Goodson’s on Towson Ave. and Rolandos

  27. Goodson’s, Goodson’s on Towson, Diamond Head on Midland

  28. Goodson’s on Towson, Goodson’s, Georges

  29. Rolandos, Goodson’s @ Cornerstone, Goodson’s on Towson

  30. Both Goodson’s Restaurants and Green Papaya


  32. Goodsons on Old Greenwood, Goodsons on Towson, Denny’s

  33. R. Landry’s
    R. Landry’s
    Are There Other Restaurants in Fort Smith?

  34. Rolando’s.
    R. Landry’s. <<would have put Leoncia's but it's too late for that.. 😦

  35. Just wanted to make sure that you were aware that the founder of “The 3/50 Project” is going to be in Waldron on Thursday, November 11th at 6:00 p.m. There are tickets available at the Fort Smith Chamber or you can call the Waldron City Hall at 479-637-3181.

  36. 1. R Landrys
    2. Tammy’s Tamales
    3. Bravos

  37. Yes, I know how to throw a football, play catch, swing a racket and a bat, shoot a layup, swim and ride a bike.

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