Event Review: Taste of Fort Smith 2010

Taste of Fort Smith is TODAY, faithful Fort Smith Eats readers. Today!

Last year, we tweeted up a storm from the Taste of Fort Smith event, but we thought we might do a quick review and get some of you fellow foodies out there in time for some evening grub tonight.

Lots of restaurants are participating, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that includes plenty of establishments from outside Fort Smith. Cedarville and Lavaca, for instance, were both represented well at the Taste of Fort Smith. So, yes, that makes it even more awesome.

Two things disappointed us slightly:

One, at the lunchtime event were 3 or 4 open booths, with signage from restaurants, that were empty. That indicates they’ll be there tonight — yay! — but left us disappointed we couldn’t get a quick taste of, say, The Dog Shack or Blaze’n Burrito or Pho King. And Silk Road Grill? You’re such a tease.


See that apple slice? Covered with caramel and pecans? Harps calls it “Apple Nachos.” We call it “autumn yum.” (That’s Whole Hog potato salad in the background)

Two, lunch was heavy on desserts. Now, we still got our fill of barbecue, chicken, crackers & cheese, fried tomatoes, sandwiches, pizza, Thai noodles, etc. Believe us, we got plenty to eat. And, some places are dessert-only joints: Confectionately Yours, Sweets Boutique. But (and we’re talking to you, Panera and Furr’s), why would a full-variety restaurant only bring their dessert offerings? (Kudos to you, Cara’s at Brunwick Place and Harps, for serving both savory AND sweet fare.)

Onto the food.

From top, clockwise, Zaxby’s chicken fingers/sauces; Cara’s fried green tomato; Gregory’s butterfinger pie; Steffy’s pizza

We love the Taste event because, well, you know we like to eat, but also we like to try new things. This gives us a way to do so quickly & efficiently (and belly-full-y. Seriously, what we won’t do for you guys!). We get to try new dishes AND eat some of our standard faves?!? A win-win for sure.

Imagjerk BBQ with their "hot" sauce — it has a kick, but a good one. (Also pictured is alfredo-chicken pasta from Jim's Razorback Pizza)

We were pleased as a pig to find a BBQ joint that was new to us: Imajerk BBQ, out of Cedarville! They promised us slow-cooked, smoky pork flavor, and they delivered. We wanted more. And in full-grown sizes. Cedarville, you’re gonna be getting a visit from us before too long.

Whole Hog BBQ sandwich!

We also sampled some artisan cheeses from the Harps booth, creamy tomato and pumpkin bisques from Cara’s along with the T-D-F fried green tomatoes, Chili’s queso dip, Steffy’s Pizza (of Lavaca. Good stuff.), Jim’s Razorback pasta, Whole Hog BBQ sandwich and potato salad (yum. Creamy!). Don’t skip the multigrain roll with cold Irish butter at the Harps’ booth. You’ll never go back to I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (we can) again.

Drinks are plentiful, too: beer & wine for you imbibers, and plenty of teas, coffees, water, sodas, juice drinks, too. Some years they’ve been a little short on drinks, but no one should go thirsty tonight.

We recommend you go. And — bonus — the proceeds support a good cause.


2 responses to “Event Review: Taste of Fort Smith 2010

  1. We’ll be there tonight! Sorry. Didn’t mean to tease ya. Have coupons with free stuff too! Come back!!

  2. This was my first time at Taste of Fort Smith, and I definitely didn’t leave hungry or thirsty! I will definitely attend next year. Oh, and Silk Road was in my top 5 there 🙂

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