Fort Smith Eats Readers’ 2010 Local Favorites: The Winners

Without further ado, the three winners of our Project 3/Whatever contest are:

  1. Goodson’s
    (counting Cornerstone & Towson locations together since most people didn’t specify which one)
  2. R. Landry’s Cajun Cafe
  3. Bravo Italian

We’re calling these our “Fort Smith Eats Readers’ Local Favorites” since that’s what this was really. These top three restaurants will be getting top-shelf, full-color, fancy-shmancy framable-if-you-print-them-off-our-blog shining gold-star reviews from ours truly. (ooooh, ahhhh…) After all, your favorite restaurants deserve no less. We’ll also be selecting 3 other restaurants of our choice to receive the same treatment. Yep. After months of not reviewing squat, we’re giving you 6 reviews in the coming weeks.

And you thought Christmas was exciting.

Coming in right on the vote-getting heels of these three fine restaurants were:

4. George’s
5. Rolando’s
6. Cara’s at Brunwick Place (tie)
Pho Vietnam (tie)

We had a total of close to 250 votes, and 61 restaurants nominated here, on Facebook, Twitter, even email. And the vast majority had multiple nominations. Even with 61 nominees we can think of some yumtational places that got looked over. That’s not even counting the chains, which were not eligible for this vote. That’s how good Fort Smith cookin’ is ya’ll.

Here’s the full list of nominees in alphabetical order. We’ve linked to our previous reviews of the ones we’ve written about before. Read ’em and drool.

Remember: While we scrapped any requirement from this 3/50 Project that you spend $50 in each of these places, we’re hoping you’ll make plans to eat at the places you voted for or explore some of these others you might not have tried. Our idea behind this was that supporting locally operated homegrown restaurants has a bigger impact on our local economy than eating at the chains does. Now, don’t get us wrong. We  at Fort Smith Eats International Headquarters still eat at the chains. A lot. We love us some Cheddar’s and don’t even get us started on Chick-Fil-A. But for every time we eat at one of those, we try to spend at least as much at a Fort Smith Mom & Pop. And look at that delicious list up there–it’s not like it’s a hardship.

Eat local. Eat well. Eat often.

There ya go. Fort Smith Eats in a nutshell. Congrats to the winners and to EVERYONE who voted! Now go forth and EAT.


6 responses to “Fort Smith Eats Readers’ 2010 Local Favorites: The Winners

  1. ■R. Landry’s Cajun Cafe – WINNER
    I guess if u buy more sams u win????????

  2. I found this blog through the Arkansas Times article on food blogs…I lived in Fort Smith for a short spell and consider myself to be a pretty serious foodie. My favorite haunts were Pho Viet Nam (my taste buds have been forever spoiled by Lily), Rolando’s- the Hot Springs location holds no candle, and Bravo. But I would be remiss not to mentioned one of the most talented chefs in Fort Smith and her husband- who can make wonderful fresh pasta, bread, and award winning home brew- and that would be Suzy and Mike Smith of Beland Manor Inn. Not many locals have a reason to dine at Beland Manor but it is such a treat. Suzy does sell her salsas, breads and sweets at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays but you should keep an eye out for her dinners or try to reserve a table for her Sunday brunch…her Eggs Belandict are divine. I could go on and on, but you should try for yourself!

  3. I didn’t know that Beland Manor served food (other than to the hotel guests). Ooh, now I’m curious and going to have to give that one a try.

  4. @Melissa- They mainly do private dinners for groups but you should call and see if you can get on an email list for when they do their tastings, etc…and see if you can reserve a spot on a Sunday for their brunch! Suzy posts everything she makes for the following Saturday at Farmers Market on facebook.

  5. @PChoate, you’re right about Rolando’s, Bravo & Pho Vietnam so we’re curious about Beland Manor’s eats now. We’ve just had the things she sells at the Farmers Market. We may need to book a stay there. Hey, staycations are the thing now, right? Bed & Breakfast slumber party!

  6. Ashley Ann Eubanks

    I found your site while Googling eateries in Fort Smith because my husband can’t decide what he wants for dinner. 🙂

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