How We Roll …

We like to eat.

We live in The Fort.

And therefore, we’re anonymously sharing our “foodie” prowess, our refined palate with The World. Or maybe just with those of you who also live in Fort Smith, Ark., and who also enjoy a good meal, some fine dining, and kicking back with good company.

Who doesn’t like that?


18 responses to “How We Roll …

  1. Have you tried Emmy’s German Restaurant yet?

  2. Hi, Marioadmom! Yes, we have tried Emmy’s. We’ll be doing a review probably in the next month or so.

    If you need to know in the meantime if you should try it? Absofrigginlutely.

  3. Can you put category links on the sidebar so we can get to all of your posts by category? Great site by the way, great idea. Ate lunch at Cara’s cafe today, they’re pulled pork tacos are AWESOME! My favorite lunch to pick up on the way in to work…


  4. Great suggestion, Heather C! Done.

    Does this work for you now? ———>>

  5. Also, yes. We’ve got a Cara’s review coming before too long.

    And thanks for the compliments! We eat those up (along with everything else, as you can see).

  6. love, love, love your blog! i check it everyday. i just recently moved back to the fort and i’m excited to try some new (and old) places to eat. thanks.

  7. So thrilled to hear that, K.B.!! Welcome back!

  8. Can you contact me via email when you have a minute? I’m editing a new university mag for UA Fort Smith.

  9. I see New China has gone belly-up. No great loss. Service was OK, but the food wasn’t.

  10. You’re right, Odo. (How have you been since Deep Space 9, by the way?)

    New China was not a place we were looking forward to reviewing. We ate there twice, and found it bland at best. So, while we would normally lament the loss of a Fort Smith restaurant, this is one closure we could smell from miles away. And that’s only partly because of the substandard sushi on the buffet. Ick.

    Wonder if the Fort Smith New China is the only one to go under. Isn’t there another one in Russellville or Conway or somewhere?

    Thanks for the tip. We hadn’t heard that, but we’re not sorry.

  11. I am sorry about the loss of Leoncia’s. WHY?!

  12. Have you tried the Cuban Grill in Van Buren?

  13. Yes, David, but not in a looooong time. Our first visit was mixed–tasty but still lacking. We’re due for a repeat excursion there, especially since they’ve stayed in business long enough to presumably have their act together better than when they first opened. Thanks for the suggestion. Are you a fan of Cuban Grill?

  14. Just wanted to let you know that Rick Moonen from RM Seafood in Las Vegas and from Bravo TV’s Top Chef will be cooking at a private event that will benefit Bost and Grape Escapes 2011. Tickets will go on sale soon and Rick is scheduled to be here to cook the 4 course meal on February 4.

    As you know Grape Escapes is the largest fund raiser for Bost here in Fort Smith. We will have 15 restaurants featured this year along with 4 chefs preparing dishes live. These dishes will have recipe cards along with wine pairings for the night. Any help in getting the word out would be appreciated and thanks for the follow on twitter (ERC).

  15. Look, you went and got us all excited now. That’s awesome, Ron! We’re reposting your info from here on our Facebook page & twitter. Yeah, we’ll be buying tickets, for sure.

  16. i’m looking for a sortof dark, intimate setting to meet someone special. could be a restuarant or bar. like maybe with relatively secluded booths to be completely undistracted.
    any place like that come to mind in ft smith or the very immediate area?

  17. Have you tried Bravo’s Italian Restaurant ? They are awesome the food taste so fresh and like its made from scratch its hard to find great authenic tasting Italian food in our area……….. but they nailed it. I’d recommend it to everyone. Thanks, Linda

  18. Is anyone still running the @FortSmithEats Twitter account? I love the idea of promoting restaurants in the Fort, and if yall aren’t doing anything with it anymore I’d be very interested in starting it up again. You have a great following already and it would be a great way to get the word out about local restaurants and get people involved. Please let me know if that’s something you would be open to!

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