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Expert Pics: Your Photos, Our Blog, Winter Yum

We’ve been a little slow on our blogging lately, and for that, we profusely apologize. We ARE still eating all over Fort Smith, at every place awesome as well as the not-so, all in the name of research. (It’s tedious. You all believe that, doncha?)

In the meantime before our next Official Blog Post (which is coming SOON), here’s a quick — but YUMMY — Expert Pics post. (You may recall our previous Expert Pics posts: Snow Pics, Thanksgiving Pics, and our inaugural your-pics-our-blog post. )

We have said it before and we’ll say it again: You guys are the true experts, and we thank you for sharing your own yummy experiences. Keep the twipics coming!!

via @PLady100, Philly, Cali, and bagel rice tempura rolls from Shoguns.


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Fort Smith Eats @ Pho 21

Pho 21

2100 Rogers Ave.
Fort Smith AR 2901

Here’s the way things work in Fort Smith. If you’re going to be a kick-ass Vietnamese restaurant, you’re probably going to need to be in some building that was once quite obviously something else. Pho Vietnam, for instance, is in the old gas station. Green Papaya is in an old Dairy Queen. Pho Hoang on the other hand, is in what we think used to be a Mexican restaurant, but at least was something less iconically restaurant-shaped than the others. This is why Pho Hoang, while awfully good, is not quite as good as the others. If it were in, say, an old Pizza Hut, the food would taste that much better.

That’s why it’s lucky that Pho 21 is in a building that we think was originally a Church’s Chicken, though it still looks to us like the KFC we remember. You can paint a roof turquoise, but that shape ain’t ever going to look Vietnamese. But see, according to our Fort Smith Eats Law of Vietnamese Restaurant Buildings, this means the food’s pretty solid. Continue reading

FortSmithEats at: Pho Vietnam

Pho Vietnam

2214 Rogers Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72901

First Impressions:

It’s gotta be said right up front. It’s in a gas station. No, not like a Taco Bell in an Exxon or a greasy “burrito” and things they insist are “potato logs” next to the baccy and fish bait at the corner Kum ‘n Go.

A REAL former gas station. The parking lot stays full during meal hours with cars stacked up by the pumps outside, so there’s no getting around that fact. Classy this joint ain’t. But it’s nothing compared to what you find inside.

Funny how people always seem to park by the pumps first, even when there are closer spots right in front. Maybe it's a shade thing.

Funny how people always seem to park by the pumps first, even when there are closer spots right in front. Maybe it's a shade thing.


Whoa, Nelly. Thar be décor in here. And by that we mean “décor” indiscriminately applied. Like, everything:

  • Fish tanks (no fish, or water, just the 1980s-era water bubble games without water stuck in there with a bunch of ocean-themed ceramics and Troll dolls)
  • Fake Hawaiian leis
  • Plastic palm trees
  • Large ceramic barnyard “floor animals” as we shall call them
  • Plastic bread and vegetables
  • A boat steering wheel and maybe an anchor
  • Random stickers and decals stuck wherever
  • Strands of silk autumn leaves
  • Twirly stars
  • “Wall fish” with bubbles coming out of their mouths that when you look closely at them you realize are happy face stickers
  • What we think is a fake mounted deer head that looks suspiciously like it might break into song. You know, like those mounted fish annoyances from a couple years ago (mercifully, it doesn’t)

Mixed in with this are the extra ingredients stacked here and there on full display and in a corner under a TV stand, a bunch of dinnerware that does not seem to be in use and looks like someone’s grandmama’s. A few booths and tables fill the space that isn’t filled with other junk store detritus. The funny thing is, the parts all make up one crazy jumble of gaudyness that works as a whole in spite of itself. Continue reading