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Event Review: Taste of Fort Smith 2010

Taste of Fort Smith is TODAY, faithful Fort Smith Eats readers. Today!

Last year, we tweeted up a storm from the Taste of Fort Smith event, but we thought we might do a quick review and get some of you fellow foodies out there in time for some evening grub tonight.

Lots of restaurants are participating, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that includes plenty of establishments from outside Fort Smith. Cedarville and Lavaca, for instance, were both represented well at the Taste of Fort Smith. So, yes, that makes it even more awesome.

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Expert Pics: Your Photos, Our Blog, Winter Yum

We’ve been a little slow on our blogging lately, and for that, we profusely apologize. We ARE still eating all over Fort Smith, at every place awesome as well as the not-so, all in the name of research. (It’s tedious. You all believe that, doncha?)

In the meantime before our next Official Blog Post (which is coming SOON), here’s a quick — but YUMMY — Expert Pics post. (You may recall our previous Expert Pics posts: Snow Pics, Thanksgiving Pics, and our inaugural your-pics-our-blog post. )

We have said it before and we’ll say it again: You guys are the true experts, and we thank you for sharing your own yummy experiences. Keep the twipics coming!!

via @PLady100, Philly, Cali, and bagel rice tempura rolls from Shoguns.


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Meal-Atta-Glance: Pulled Pork Sandwich @ Art’s BBQ

Art’s BBQ and Grill

4620 Rogers Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72956

People ask us what we think about Art’s, and we always start to say something along the lines of, “Well we think they’re definitely an important part of human expression and an invaluable component of education to promote the continued success of our species by instilling an appreciation of the intangible, metaphorical and some might say purest realms of human experience, while fostering the collective and individual creative spirit of our people in our constantly changing and challenging world, today and ever forward.”

Then, they say, “No, Art’s BBQ. On Rogers. Any good?”

Oh, Art’s. Not arts. No one ever pronounces the apostrophe, so you can see why we’d get confused.

Adding to the confusion, is that every time you go there, right inside the door of Art’s is bona fide Art. Not the owner — he may be there too, but it’d be sort of creepy if he ALWAYS was, you know?

No, Art as in “a painted work on canvas that is an important part of human of human expression and an invaluable component of education to promote the …” Oh, whatever. It’s not actually good enough to warrant a capital A.

However, being a Painting of a Place that Hangs within the Place Itself, said painting IS mos def good enough to make us go, “Hey, meta, dude…” and stop and appreciate it each time. Admire, boys and girls, the art of Art’s:


Art's BBQ painting Ft. Smith Arkanasas Fort Smith Eats

Another entry into our happiness-inducing series of Paintings of Places Inside the Places Themselves.


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First Impressions: Whole Hog Cafe

Whole Hog Cafe

4501 Burrough Road
Fort Smith, AR 72916

There was much hubbub when Whole Hog Café opened in Fort Smith this summer. Tales of the Arkansas chain’s glory spread to the River Valley from other WHC’s in Central and Northwest Arkansas. The place has won the Arkansas Times Readers’ Choice Award (admittedly very heavily Central Arkansas favored; who ya kiddin’ Ark Times) as being the best barbeque in the state for 9 years running. Basically, since it opened.

With a record like this, Whole Hog must either be incredibly good or know something about ballot-box-stuffing.

With a record like this, Whole Hog must either be incredibly good or know something about ballot-box-stuffing. And add a another year on there. Yeah, they won 2009 too.

Fort Smith Eats wasn’t a complete newcomer to Whole Hog. We’d eaten at their other locations, knew the drill. Heck, we’ve even seen Whole Hog’s whole hogs, with the still pig-shaped roasted carcass being carved up in front of an audience. It’s a sight alright.

What we hadn’t yet seen, though, was exactly what all the fuss was about. We get BBQ, love BBQ, know BBQ. We ain’t gonna claim to be world champion barbequers or anything, but maybe something closer to championship barbequers’ roadies.  Without the, er, road. Anyway, we’re pretty informed fans of good BBQ. And yeah, Whole Hog has good BBQ. But great? The best in the state? Not so sure about that, so we went back for a few more tries. Continue reading