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Pie-Off: George’s Cherry v. Bob & Ellie’s Chocolate

Been awhile since we had a Fort Smith Eats Pie-Off. Let’s rectify that.

In case you missed the first one, here are the rules:

The rules:
1. The pies must be commercially available in the Fort Smith area.
2. The pies do not have to be from the same restaurant.
3. The pies do not have to be the same kind of pie.
4. There shall be no more than two pies in a Pie-Off.
5. In the end, there can be only one.

Meet our contestants:


George's Cherry Pie Ft. Smith AR restaurants Fort Smith Eats


Chocolate Pie at Bob & Ellie's Diner Ft. Smith AR restaurants Fort Smith Eats

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Diner Week Day 6: Bob & Ellie’s

Bob & Ellie’s Drive-In

6500 U.S. 271
Fort Smith, AR 72908
Other than Waffle House, the south side of Fort Smith’s rather lacking in 24-hour places. That’s where everybody’s favorite couple-named diner comes in. Just a few blocks away from Whirlpool, on Hwy. 271, Bob & Ellie’s is a long-time favorite of shift workers, college students, truckers and other people who are up way too late. We’re sure people must eat there in the day, too, but our experience has only been late nights and early mornings. The idea of going there for, say, lunch seems weird. Like going to the beach in the middle of a blizzard. Sure, you can do it, but why?
Fort Smith Eats Bob & Ellie's

Rare sighting of Bob & Ellie's during the day.

Bob & Ellie’s is in an unpretentious metal building. The great thing is how much effort they’ve put into distracting you from the fact that it’s a metal building along a truck route. The north side of the building has a gazebo and a little garden of statuary. Of course it still looks like a metal building with a tent gazebo and small statuary, but we give them 27 bonus points for trying. Continue reading