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Diner Week Day 1: Boom-A-Rang Diner

Boom-A-Rang Diner

915 Garrison Avenue
Fort Smith, AR 72901

There are diners we’ll visit this week that have been here for years and years and years. Institutions, ya might say. Boom-A-Rang Diner isn’t one of those. The retrostyle Garrison Avenue diner has been here for — count it — one year. It looks completely Mom & Pop, doesn’t look like a chain, but we hear there are a pack of them over in Oklahoma.

Boom-A-Rang goes for that old 50’s diner feel. It doesn’t really work but we don’t really hold that against it. We’d rather see an eating establishment own its time and place and just serve good food but if records hanging in the windows make people feel like spending their money, you can’t blame the people who hung them for knowing that.


Note the original padded walls from when this old historic Garrison Avenue location was a sanitarium. OK, not really. But they are the best part of the decor.

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