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Fort Smith Eats @ George’s

George’s Restaurant

2120 Grand Ave
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Townie. That’s the word that comes to mind whenever we think of George’s. Know what we mean? Every town has at least one spot that is a no-frills, solid, dependable restaurant frequented at any given time by dozens of locals, the townies who gather ’round the pie case like it’s a watering hole.

If you’re lucky, the townie places also happen to have good food. Some towns have to make do with what they can get. The townie spots are there by tradition alone, where people just have to put up with the sort of food that gets served there. We always feel a little sorry for those towns.

Thank goodness Fort Smith has George’s. It’s a townie spot we’ve even been known to take the occasional visitor. Not someone who’s looking for elegance or exotic food or for a touristy experience. Hard Rock Cafe Fort Smith this ain’t. But someone who wants to have a good conversation over a great American meal without worrying about all the other stuff will get George’s. The restaurant is reliably clean and neat with food that is simple, tasty and filling. Oh, and affordable. And a constant, reliable menu. Is it such a mystery this place does a good business?

George's Restaurant Ft. Smith AR Fort Smith Eats interior

We took this picture because it is, for the record, the emptiest we’ve ever seen George’s large dining room. We’re not sure how many people fit in the restaurant, but it’s a bunch and they’re usually at least half full. Read on and find out the reasons for that.

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Pie-Off: George’s Cherry v. Bob & Ellie’s Chocolate

Been awhile since we had a Fort Smith Eats Pie-Off. Let’s rectify that.

In case you missed the first one, here are the rules:

The rules:
1. The pies must be commercially available in the Fort Smith area.
2. The pies do not have to be from the same restaurant.
3. The pies do not have to be the same kind of pie.
4. There shall be no more than two pies in a Pie-Off.
5. In the end, there can be only one.

Meet our contestants:


George's Cherry Pie Ft. Smith AR restaurants Fort Smith Eats


Chocolate Pie at Bob & Ellie's Diner Ft. Smith AR restaurants Fort Smith Eats

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Expert Pics: Your Photos, Thanksgiving Version

Our most awesome Twitter peeps tweeted about some drool-worthy Thanksgiving meals yesterday, and we just had to share some of them. (Check our inaugural Expert Pics post.)

Yes, we love Fort Smith restaurants and we can’t wait to continue sharing our thoughts and photos with you. But, there is just something about grandma’s homemade dressing or Aunt Lula’s special chocolate pie that no restaurant experience can replicate. And we are ever-so-thankful for our Fort Smith Eats readers — you guys are the true experts!

Happy Holidays!

via @Rachael_Davis Pies Galore! (Looks yum!)

via @AaronRodgers That's a plate-full of delish.

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Fort Smith Eats Discovery: Friday Night Catfish at The White Spot

The White Spot (aka “Skinny’s”)

1701 Rogers Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72901

There are times in any life when one must take a stand. Believe in something. Speak your mind. Make a difference. Speak truth to power.

This, dear friends, is one of those times.

The time is ripe for you to hear this good news:

Once a week, a small unpretentious diner hidden away in Fort Smith, Arkansas, serves for its patrons the food of the gods. That’s right, we said Food Of The Gods.

The restaurant is The White Spot.

The night is Friday night.

The food is catfish.

Catfish? You ask, incredulous, distrusting your eyes, wondering if you read that right. At The White Spot?

Catfish, we say with reverence and awe, our eyes glazing over at the fond memory. Yes. At The White Spot.

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FortSmithEats at: Calico County

Calico County

2401 South 56th
Fort Smith, AR 72903

First Impressions:

Really, we almost trip up that step into the doorway about every time. But after you get into the restaurant, you sense the casual-ness, you smell the cinnamon rolls, and you’re seated quickly. The décor … well, it’s kind of “sensory overload,” but in a different way than Pho Vietnam. It’s old Americana, stuff you see at “nice” flea markets: retro tin food cans and serving trays covering the walls. The walls themselves are made of the 1960s/70s wood paneling that yuppies who buy older homes remove ASAP. (Full disclosure: we’d remove it too. Are we yuppies? Perhaps. Or maybe we just like sunlight. We’d tear out any shag carpeting too.)


Nuttin fancy here. This place serves “Kuhn-tree” cookin’. Calico almost seems to pride itself on the over-the-top homey-ness. But, it’s what you expect; this restaurant doesn’t change with the times or current fads. Its staid demeanor is calming even. And, really, if you’ve lived in Ft. Smith any time at all, you’ve eaten at Calico County. More than once. More than twice. And the atmosphere remains the same, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s usually busy, too, so there is a lot of dining noise. It’s family-friendly, so expect some kid-noise, too. And, avoid it on Sundays after church. VERY busy. Continue reading