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Mexican Monday Meal-Atta-Glance: Las Jalapenos’ Enchiladas Supremas

Las Jalapenos

3000 Grand Ave
Fort Smith, AR 72901-3112

Enchiladas Supremas

It’s easy to take enchiladas for granted. They’re always there, reliably and unexcitingly waiting to be selected from the menu of any Mexican restaurant worth its margarita salt. People never say, “I’m having enchiladas!” but usually, “I’ll just have the enchiladas.” They aren’t an adventurous food. Still, Fort Smith Eats is a fan of good enchiladas. Being unapologetic cheese fans, we’re usually happy with just plain cheese enchiladas. Nothing against beef or chicken, but cheese is generally where it’s at.

That’s because it’s hard to really screw up a cheese enchilada. Rolled-up tortilla. Melty cheese. Sauce. It takes a lot of work to not get that right. It’s like the PBJ of the Mexican restaurant world. Beef enchiladas can be too bland or greasy, and chicken enchiladas not covered in a spicy verde sauce or creamy sour cream sauce are typically pretty disappointing.

We’d been to Los Jalapenos on Grand Avenue just once before. It was okay. Typical rice and beans and Mexican combo dinner place. But Mexican Monday was approaching, and it had been probably over two years since the last visit, so we ventured back to the place with the grinning, shades-wearing pepper on its sign.

Hey, around here, any place with an actual logo is fancy eatin'.

Hey, around here, any place with an actual logo is fancy eatin'.

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