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Quick Eats: Pepperoni Sandwich @ Geno’s Pizza

If you live in Fort Smith, Van Buren, Greenwood or Alma long, you’re going to find yourself eating at Geno’s Pizza. This is because there are approximately 87 Genos locations in Fort Smith alone. Okay, so there’s like, six total in the River Valley. But we swear it feels like 87 because people are always eating there. This, to us, has long been a conundrum that keeps us up into the wee hours of the morning. Our basic question has always been: why?

We figured it’s the kids and the convenience. Cheap pizza, served by the oversized slice, on styrofoam plates in a place you don’t have to clean — that’s a family outing right there. No flavor required. And they have drive-thrus. Who doesn’t love eating a big slice of bland pizza while driving, talking on the phone and texting? Gimmee a slice of Supreme and a large Diet Coke, hold the pizza artistry please.

Every so often, though, we go back and try it again. Surely if there are this many locations of a local favorite, it’s got to be good, right? On a recent drive-thru visit when we were running late and super hungry and Geno’s was right next door, we decided to try the pepperoni sub. We’d tried the ham and cheese many moons ago, but the pepperoni sandwich was probably the one menu item we’d not yet sampled. Continue reading


Fort Smith Eats @ Cara’s

Cara’s at Brunwick Place  

115 N. 10th St. Ste. E101
Fort Smith, AR 72901

Charm. That’s what Cara’s is really about, we think. A charming little café in a charming little set of shops. Food that’s somewhere between foodie fare and comfort fare. An owner who makes a point to learn your name and never fails to welcome you back or gently berate you for not coming more often. It’s a place that you might have quibbles about this or that, but it’s really almost impossible not to like. They charm you.  

Cara’s opened in the red brick old-time shopping center, Brunwick Place, earlier this year. It’s got an appealing atmosphere that manages to be bright and dark at the same time. Deep colors and warm lights, and a casual vibe set the mood.   

Cara's at Brunwick Place Ft. Smith AR restaurants Fort Smith Eats

The old Landry's locale received a nice update before Cara's opened for business this year.


When Cara herself isn’t back in the kitchen making the magic, she’s out on the floor working the room. Her broad smile and Southern openness combine to engage anyone and everyone in conversation till she’s learned your name, profession and family history, and given you a hug and possibly a taste of something new she just whipped up for the menu. Continue reading

Retroview: Fort Smith Eats at Jim’s Razorback Pizza

Jim’s Razorback Pizza

3501 Old Greenwood Road, Ste. 17
Fort Smith, AR 72703

We “reviewed” Jim’s Razorback Pizza via Twitter in those distant days when the Fort Smith Eats blog was just a glimmer in your father’s eye, as Mom used to say. But we figure it’s worth revisiting now what we thought then. Back then, after all, there were but a few dozen of you following us. Now, you are legion.


Razorback Pizza is a long-standing (30+ years, 20+ locations) Arkansas strip mall institution, but it’s new to Fort Smith this year. It’s a low-key anything-goes place on Old Greenwood Road.  Razorback stuff on the walls, natch, though not too much of it. You’re likely to see families here, or ABF’ers on their lunch break, or couples, or a pack of guys watching the game. Like we said, anything goes.


It’s a no-frills pizza joint where anything goes. You’re not going to break the bank here. We’ve never had a check we thought was too high.

Nothin' fancy but tells you what it is

Nothin' fancy but tells you what it is

Continue reading