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Expert Pics: Your Photos, Our Blog, Winter Yum

We’ve been a little slow on our blogging lately, and for that, we profusely apologize. We ARE still eating all over Fort Smith, at every place awesome as well as the not-so, all in the name of research. (It’s tedious. You all believe that, doncha?)

In the meantime before our next Official Blog Post (which is coming SOON), here’s a quick — but YUMMY — Expert Pics post. (You may recall our previous Expert Pics posts: Snow Pics, Thanksgiving Pics, and our inaugural your-pics-our-blog post. )

We have said it before and we’ll say it again: You guys are the true experts, and we thank you for sharing your own yummy experiences. Keep the twipics coming!!

via @PLady100, Philly, Cali, and bagel rice tempura rolls from Shoguns.


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Expert Pics: Snow Version

It’s been a little while since we posted an Expert Pics blog (last one was your awesome Thanksgiving pics!), and we thought after viewing all ya’lls great snow-food-apalooza pics on Twitter, that it’s long overdue.

Viva la snow, Fort Smith!! Viva la “snow food!”

Via @LaurenHendricks, Snow Cream!!

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Expert Pics: Your Photos, Thanksgiving Version

Our most awesome Twitter peeps tweeted about some drool-worthy Thanksgiving meals yesterday, and we just had to share some of them. (Check our inaugural Expert Pics post.)

Yes, we love Fort Smith restaurants and we can’t wait to continue sharing our thoughts and photos with you. But, there is just something about grandma’s homemade dressing or Aunt Lula’s special chocolate pie that no restaurant experience can replicate. And we are ever-so-thankful for our Fort Smith Eats readers — you guys are the true experts!

Happy Holidays!

via @Rachael_Davis Pies Galore! (Looks yum!)

via @AaronRodgers That's a plate-full of delish.

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Expert Pics: Your Photos, Our Blog

Yep, we’re trying hard to eat every dish at every restaurant in the Fort, but the fact is: We can’t eat everywhere at once. Our stomachs, budget, and jeans won’t allow that.

That’s why we’re thrilled to get responses from our “tweople,” or our “twibe,” or whatever you want to call our loyal and most awesome Twitter followers.

The interaction on Twitter has just confirmed what we already knew: Fort Smith loves to eat and you people know food!! What’s good, what’s bad, what’s funny —you know it, and you tweet it. You guys are the real experts.

There are too many to list all, and we are sure we’re missing some good ones. But we wanted to share some of our recent fave Fort Smith food photos from our fellow foodlovers on Twitter. Enjoy! Continue reading