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Diner Week Day 5: The White Spot

The White Spot

1701 Rogers Avenue
Fort Smith, AR 72901

The White Spot is one of those places you’ve likely seen, wondered about, and made a mental note to maybe try one of these days. Yet maybe something’s kept you from doing it.

Who eats there, you wonder. Possibly no one you know. But it’s a place you can tell has been there likely longer than you’ve been alive or at least as long as you can remember.

The White Spot Fort Smith Eats exterior

No, it's not a racist thing. We asked. They said they get that question a lot. The White Spot was a reference to the place's cleanliness, to distinguish it from the other "greasy spoons."

You see people going in and out of it, a couple here and there as you drive down Rogers Ave., an elderly man in jeans and a ballcap getting into his pickup, maybe a whole gaggle of them going in with newpapers under their arms. You can tell without too much stretch of the imagination that this is somewhere the reg’lars go to sit together over coffee every morning and talk about whatever the good Lord and the Times Record have provided for them to discuss.

The White Spot Fort Smith Eats interior

A lot of things at The White Spot haven't changed over the years. Including the way the waitresses are always in motion.

That’s cool. Not a problem, glad they have somewhere they like to go. But what’s in it for me, you ask. The Big Question: How’s the food? What’s the White Spot vibe like for the under-70 demographic?

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Fort Smith Eats Discovery: Friday Night Catfish at The White Spot

The White Spot (aka “Skinny’s”)

1701 Rogers Ave.
Fort Smith, AR 72901

There are times in any life when one must take a stand. Believe in something. Speak your mind. Make a difference. Speak truth to power.

This, dear friends, is one of those times.

The time is ripe for you to hear this good news:

Once a week, a small unpretentious diner hidden away in Fort Smith, Arkansas, serves for its patrons the food of the gods. That’s right, we said Food Of The Gods.

The restaurant is The White Spot.

The night is Friday night.

The food is catfish.

Catfish? You ask, incredulous, distrusting your eyes, wondering if you read that right. At The White Spot?

Catfish, we say with reverence and awe, our eyes glazing over at the fond memory. Yes. At The White Spot.

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