Where to Eat on Thanksgiving Day 2010

Thanksgiving dinner really doesn’t have to be this hard.

Hey, did ya’ll hear? It’s Thanksgiving this week.

We’ve been getting asked approximately hourly what restaurants are going to be open on Thanksgiving Day. So, whether you’re here in Fort Smith with no family gathering, wouldn’t trust your loved ones with your family’s cooking, are some sort of international super spy who doesn’t celebrate these American holidays but likes to eat out, plan to eat five separate Thanksgiving meals, or if you just like to show your patriotism by spending money in our area restaurants, here’s where you can go. Wherever you go on Thanksgiving, know that Fort Smith Eats is thankful for you and for the many great restaurants we share in this area.

Note: If you know of other restaurants serving any meal on Thanksgiving, or any other corrections/additions we should make, let us know and we’ll try to keep this list updated. We’re sure we’re missing some.

Fort Smith

Benson’s Grill – 2515 Rogers Ave. 479/782-8181. Open 24 hours.

Furr’s Fresh Buffet – 5707 Rogers Ave. 479/478-0398. Open 10:30 -6.

Golden Corral – 1801 S. Waldron Rd.  479-484-1040. Open from 10 -4.

Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant – 500 N. Greenwood Ave. 479/783-7824. Open 12-7.

IHOP – 7809 Rogers Ave. 479/452-0501. Open 24 hours.

Lewis’ Family Restaurant – 5901 Hwy. 71 South. 479/646-4309. Serving breakfast and lunch from 6-3.

Lucy’s Diner – 4605 Towson Ave. 479/646-1001. Open 24 hours.

McDonalds – All locations in Fort Smith? Drive-thru open till 11 a.m.

Pizza Hut – All locations in Fort Smith? 479/783-4000. Opens at 4 p.m.

Village Inn – 7620 Rogers Ave. 479/452-7007. Open 6 a.m. – midnight.

Van Buren

Donald’s Donuts – 2211 Fayetteville Rd. 479/471-6777. Open for breakfast.


Cracker Barrel – 431 Hwy 71 No. & I-40, Exit 13. 479/623-0767. Open all day.


Broadway Joe’s Cafe – 320 W. Shawntel Smith Blvd. 918/427-7447. Reportedly serving free lunch to anyone on Thanksgiving Day. Donations accepted and will go to Muldrow charities.


2 responses to “Where to Eat on Thanksgiving Day 2010

  1. I elected to enroll in your blog. You will excuse me by the fact that I suffer from a mental defect called literal linear logic.

    I entered my email, received a return and opened it to find the following message (which I provide via copy and print) :

    Your subscription was not activated

    any suggestions?

  2. This woman is getting older. And it is to hard for me to do ALL the cooking !! So all family members can meet at Golden Corral 2014. Time- will be disgust as the holiday gets closer. Everyone will be responsible for their only meal !! ( :

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